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6:36pm 29 Nov 2017
Enquire about "Become a business mentor"

Creating skills and talent to match regional business need

We recognise that establishing a work-force with the right skills is critical for business growth within any community. We also recognise that connecting successful business role models with emerging talent can increase the potential of up and coming business stars.

Driving growth and employability within your community

As an entrepreneur or leader of a business with equality and diversity at its core, we invite you to help us drive growth and employability in the region, and your business community by becoming a Business Mentor at Birmingham City University.

Be part of Birmingham City University’s Professional Mentoring Programme

Birmingham City University is looking for successful business professionals to help us shape our emerging Graduates into the leading business talent of tomorrow.

We are inviting national and regional professionals from a diverse array of business sectors, organisations and communities to join us as Business Mentors on our Professional Mentoring Programme.

 What input is required of me as a Business Mentor?

We offer our Graduates a minimum of one mentoring session per month over a six month period. The mentoring activity typically runs from November to May. To join us as a Business Mentor you would be asked  to commit to these minimum requirements and dates, however you are more than welcome to offer your Mentee more frequent sessions, over a longer period of time, should you wish to have greater impact on their future.

 Can I support more than one Mentee?

Yes, but to ensure you have the time and capacity to offer a beneficial level of support to all of your mentees we wouldn’t recommend you being a Business Mentor for more than three students.

 Where and how is the mentoring delivered?

You could hold your mentoring sessions at your place of work, at Birmingham City University, at a mutually convenient location for you both, online with our Brightside Hub, or through a combination of all. You and your Mentee are free to plan sessions at the locations that suit you best.

What will I gain from becoming a Business Mentor?

Previous Mentors have told us that there are no comparable feelings to those felt when they see a Mentee they have nurtured succeed.

As well as this, you will also help Birmingham City University drive growth in the regional economy, both in terms of SMEs and employability, if your Mentee builds their career, or business, here within the diverse communities of the West Midlands.

Additional benefits to you could be:

  • Identifying and nurturing new talent for your organisation
  • Enhancing your leadership skills (which we can help you develop further with training programmes if required)
  • Expanding your network of professional and academic contacts
  • Enriching your CV credentials
  • Delivering Corporate Social Responsibility activities for your organisations

If you would like to become a Birmingham City University Business Mentor to help us nurture emerging business talent and drive SME and employability growth amongst regional business communities, send us an enquiry using the form below.

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