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11:53am 20 Mar 2017
Enquire about "Graduate plus award scheme"

Graduate+ is a Birmingham City University awards programme that turns high-calibre students into work-ready graduates, armed with the additional skills needed to excel in your business or organisation.

The three-year voluntary Graduate+ programme is available to students across all study disciplines. From Design and Computing to Business and Law, Graduate+ provide a platform to develop professional and personal skills culminating in the experience you require from a graduate employee, or student intern within your firm.  Students work towards an increased level of achievement, graded as Bronze, Silver and Gold throughout their time at university.

Hire professionally skilled and academically knowledgeable talent 

Whatever your business size or sector, hiring a graduate from Birmingham City University who also has a Gold level* Graduate+ award will ensure that your employee is/has:

  • Academically knowledgeable
  • A graduate of their chosen area of study
  • Professionally skilled and work-ready 
  • High-level digital literacy
  • Strong communication skills
  • Team focused and collaborative
  • Good planning and organisational skills,
  • Workplace professionalism and self awareness
  • A solution focused problem solver
  • A creative thinker
  • Proactive achiever
  • Risk management awareness
  • Enterprising and business minded
  • Commercially focussed
  • Good leadership skills (people/projects)
  • Uses own initiative
  • Resourceful
  • Change adaptable and flexible
  • Sensitive to diverse situations and has a global outlook
  • Values and respects diversity
  • Moral and ethnic issue sensitivity
  • Cross-cultural focus
  • Economic, social and environmental awareness.

Want Graduate+ certified work-ready talent to fill your Graduate or Student roles?

To discover more about Birmingham City University’s Graduate+ award programme, or to discuss finding a Graduate+ student or graduate for any intern, placement or employment opportunities within your organisation:

 Find out more about Graduate + here

*Graduate+ launched at Birmingham City University in 2016. The first Gold Level Graduates will be available for employment in 2019. Bronze and Silver level students will be available for internships, placements and part funded projects from 2017 and 2018 respectfully.

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