Big Journey

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Business Improvement and Growth
12:25pm 2 Oct 2017
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Benefits to your business

  • Work on your business, not just in it!
  • Evaluate your business against key factors of success
  • Foster a performance-focused culture
  • Develop a reliable team that you can have confidence in
  • Spend time resolving specific business issues
  • Develop a robust plan of action
  • Develop your vision and plan in response to the internal and external forces that shape your performance.

How does BIG work?

The business specialist who leads the Business Improvement and Growth package is Prof Mark Gilman, a trusted and accredited practitioner. 

Mark has developed and delivered a range of programmes to help you the everyday businesses thrive. It works by focusing on the needs of the manager in your business to access and apply the very latest management thinking into your business.

Our emphasis lies on the SME and how we can tailor fit the latest research on business growth and performance to really suit your business through our rigorous research programme. The research programme at Birmingham City University Business School has a depth of practical tools and techniques that ambitious managers can use to gain clarity on their future goals and actions for their business. These tools and services include the BIG Journey, BIG Networks, the BIG Diagnostic, consultancy, coaching, and action learning sets.

As part of the BIG package specialists at Birmingham City Business School have studied businesses across the region and have identified ten characteristics that define better performing businesses. These specialists are also completing the design to a smart business growth diagnostic, which is currently being developed for the needs of everyday businesses, for more information please get in touch. 

The BIG package is split into two main areas:

  • Big Journey - The Business Improvement and Growth (BIG) Journey is a strategic leadership package for businesses looking to make a significant transition in their leadership role and develop a comprehensive strategic business plan for business growth. Big Journey is based on the understanding of the key characteristics of business success and provides an enabling environment allowing you to make the changes necessary for real performance improvement
  • Big Network - Members meet together, on a quarterly basis, within a supportive and practical learning environment with no interruptions, accessible business specialists and skilled facilitators. Through the network, members can access a range of support mechanism including personal business coaching and mentoring.

How much does BIG cost?

The BIG package can vary dependent on business requirements and needs. 

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