Business Innovation Workshops

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9:58am 5 Jan 2018
Enquire about "Business Innovation Workshops"

If you’re looking to achieve business growth, but are unsure where to start, or whether you’re looking to diversify or boost your business development potential, our Business Innovation Workshops can help you plan an effective and successful strategy.

Benefits to your business

  • You will be able to access free academic and industry knowledge and expertise
  • You will get help and direction in identifying your business growth potential
  • A business innovation strategy will be created to help you achieve your business development objectives
  • You will collaborate with other companies also looking for innovative business solutions

Our workshops complement to our £2,500 Business Innovation Vouchers, which can be used to part-fund your business innovation activities

What is a Business Innovation Workshop?

Our Business Innovation Workshops will give you access to industry and academic knowledge and expertise, as well as help identify new ways to stimulate innovative ideas for business growth. They will also aid in identifying new opportunities, such as product innovation, to achieve your business development objectives.

Our Business Innovation Workshops will also offer you opportunities to connect with other businesses looking to generate innovative ideas for business growth, introducing you to your own business innovation potential across many industry sectors.

What do Business Innovation Workshops cover?

Our Business Innovation Workshops help you to identify business innovation opportunities that enable you to create a successful business growth strategy. They are delivered in three parts:

Workshop One - Envisioning business growth through business innovation:

This workshop will help you understand how to envision your future in different scenarios for regional, national and international contexts. You will explore the uncertainties in your environment and use these uncertainties to develop plausible images of the future. Tools will be provided to anticipate the impact of the alternative future scenarios. You will learn how to understand the present and prepare more effectively for future strategies.

17/01/2018 - Telford Business Solutions Centre

28/02/2018 - Sandwell Business Solutions Centre

02/05/2018 - Birmingham City University

06/06/2018 - Hereford Business Solutions Centre

Workshop Two - Creating strategy and leadership for business innovation:

This workshop is designed to help you build strategic leadership capacity and maximise the cultural and structural effectiveness of your organisation for innovation. The workshop is designed around 3 pillars:

  • Pillar One: Generating ideas, identifying and exploiting opportunities
  • Pillar Two: Formulating an appropriate strategic position and business model
  • Pillar Three: Setting up organisational mechanisms and culture that support innovation

24/01/2018 Telford Business Solutions Centre

07/03/2018 Sandwell Business Solutions Centre

09/05/2018 Birmingham City University

13/06/2018 Hereford Business Solutions Centre

Workshop Three - Planning marketing and finance to support business innovation:

This workshop focus on the importance of matching your marketing strategy with opportunities in order to maximise chances of success – a method of ‘connecting’ what your business can do to successfully win new business. This workshop will also present the latest research into opportunities for business finance including traditional forms and innovation in funding (such as peer-to-peer, crowdfunding and social lending).

07/02/2018 Telford Business Solutions Centre

21/03/2018 Sandwell Business Solutions Centre

23/05/2018 Birmingham City University

27/06/2018 Hereford Business Solutions Centre

Each workshop will be delivered in one day (per week) across a succession of four weeks, enabling you to fit your Business Innovation Workshop attendance around your work commitments. Each day will run from 9.30am until 5pm.

Where are Business Innovation Workshops held?

Business Innovations Workshops are held at different venues and dates (see above). Exact details of the venue for your workshops will be issued closer to the delivery date.

Is a Business Innovation Workshop free?

Our Business Innovation Workshops are completely free for owners and employees of eligible companies through European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) funding aimed at helping businesses drive regional growth through innovation.

How do I book a Business Innovation Workshop?

If you would like to discover more about how a Business Innovation Workshop can help you achieve business growth, or if you would like to register yourself and other members of your company for a place on a Business Innovation Workshop, simply complete and submit the enquiry form below and we will contact you to discuss content, dates, location, eligibility and to progress your application.

 Download Workshops Leaflet 

To discover how you or a colleague could register for our Business Innovation Workshops:

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