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BCU Advantage is the business support service from Birmingham City University, the first University in the region to receive accreditation from the IKE institute. We help businesses from all sectors start, grow and innovate.

You might be an entrepreneur needing guidance to launch your business idea or a start-up or small business looking to grow or find investment. You could even be a larger, more established business wanting bespoke research to help you innovate or diversify.

Whatever your business support needs, BCU Advantage can connect you to knowledge, skills and facilities to help you develop. 

How it works

We have a range of business support solutions for regional businesses as well as opportunities for businesses and organisations nationally and internationally.

Our business support solutions are collaborations with Birmingham City University academics, business specialists and recruitment professionals, as well as partner organisations and funding bodies.

To get started, based on your business needs, select the business support option that’s right for you:

You will then find a range of business services that support your need. Select a service and send us an enquiry. We will then contact you to see how we can help.

We look forward to supporting you.

Discover how we are adapting our services to continue giving you the business support your business needs at this challenging time. #keepbusinessmoving


IKE - Institute of Innovation and Knowledge Exchange

Birmingham City University has become the first University in the region – and only the second in the country – to receive accreditation from The Institute of Innovation and Knowledge Exchange (IKE Institute).

The accreditation recognises how the University has worked with businesses and partners to drive innovation and growth.

What is the IKE Institute?

 The IKE Institute is the UK’s professional body for innovators.

It was created 20 years ago in order to add validity, quality and consistency to innovation in business, a term that had begun to be used frequently by many without a solid understanding of what it meant.

IKE Institute’s work is guided by the Innovation Council, which brings together senior business leaders representing different economic sectors, including Rolls-Royce, GSK, Balfour Beatty Vinci and the BBC.

How will this aid businesses?

This accreditation will enable us to better support businesses. By utilising IKE frameworks and teachings, we will be able to provide more innovative workshops, courses, step-by-step guides and much more.

We will provide extensive guidance on where to start, how to support new ideas and how to make them happen.

We will empower businesses to drive innovation and growth in a practical, accessible and inclusive way, and ensure they have the toolkits needed to succeed.

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