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4 Innovative Ways to Bag a Top Employee



4 Innovative Ways to Bag a Top Employee

With Brexit on the horizon, and uncertainty over the future, it’s more important than ever for businesses to be confident from day one that their employees can deliver. But do not fear, new innovations in the recruitment space are enabling businesses to remain highly competitive. BCU Advantage takes a look at the latest products and services your business could be making the most of, to bag the top talent your business needs to grow.

Gamification apps

Would your business benefit from seeing how your potential future employees tackle challenges, without the hassle of meeting them in person? In 2015 Deloitte lead the way by introducing a smartphone gaming app to assess applicants for its apprenticeship scheme. Users were instructed to spend 20-30 minutes working through a series of challenges that assessed various personality traits. The results enabled the business to get far greater insight on who was right for the job, without even needing to interview. 

With local support services available to help businesses develop new products and tools, developing your own gamified interview experience is not a thing of the future. Games@STEAMhouse is a service within Digbeth’s new collaborative makerspace, that offers an opportunity for local SMEs to develop and gamify their products and services, meaning transforming your recruit offering isn’t as far outside your grasp as you might have expected.


Fed up of taking on new talent, then finding it difficult to get rid of them when you find out they’re not suitable for your business? Microplacements offer a great opportunity for your business to test the waters with future talent, by offering short-term placements focused around solving a particular objective. This enables you to see your future-employees in action, better assess their response to a certain challenge and not use additional time and financial resource to keep them around longer than necessary.

By working with Birmingham City University you can set the boundaries for a microplacement that suits what you and your business wants to achieve.


Why not widen your recruitment search by setting up a competition? Many firms are turning to social media contests to recruit top talent. When Jeremy Jauncey’s company advertised the ‘world’s coolest job’ competition, they didn’t expect to sift through over 65,000 applications. As well as finding a suitable candidate, the 30,000 extra social media postings brought great exposure to the business’ brand.

If it’s a competition you’re looking for, Birmingham City University’s careers team will support you with promoting this, to help you find your desired employee from across our range of students and graduates.

Industry-focused internships

Industry relevant skills are often vital to the success of your employees, in carrying out their daily tasks. In sectors such as the software industry, the skills need is often constantly changing, so taking on interns to deliver an industry-relevant project can be a great way to easily find the right candidates.

Interested in finding out how your business can invest in these innovative practices? Birmingham City University’s Careers Service can help you gain access to the knowledge and mechanics to make this happen in order to acccess the latest talent.

Find out more how Birmingham City University could help you innovate your recruitment strategy by contacting our careers team.



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