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Four ways for businesses to recruit a student and graduate



Four ways for businesses to recruit a student and graduate

So you’ve decided you want to look at recruiting a student with the mind-set of growing talented long-term employees. However, you’re faced with challenges – how can you reach them? How can you guarantee that they’re the right fit for your business? We’ve listed a few sure-fire ways to ensure you recruit the best students and graduates for your business.

Present your brand through social media

99 percent of 16-24-year-olds in the UK are on social media and with half a million people in this age category unemployed in the UK as of January 2019, it’s the perfect place to engage with student and graduate talent. Time Doctor lists a few successful social media strategies you should be using when recruiting, including establishing your brand on the right social media channels and using a variety of different mediums, including social ads and live video streams, to differentiate your form of communication from competitors. You want to find a way to appeal to students and show them your company offers a unique working experience.


Short-term work experience can be an easy way to persuade students that once they have graduated, working for your business is the best option for them, as well as ascertain if they fit into your business culture.

Micro-placements are usually for a short period of just a few weeks, giving the student enough time to participate in various aspects of your business and get a feel for how it runs. It can be a good introduction to your business while saving you the time and resources that a full placement might incur.

Face-to-face meetings

There’s no better way to recruit a student than through meeting them face to face. This can take place through running open days at your business or participating in University Careers fairs, which are free and enable you to meet with a large number of students in one go. Birmingham City University runs a variety of industry-focused careers fairs, giving you access to students from a wide range of disciplines. If you have a specific skills gap in your business, enquire to see if there is a Careers Fair matching your needs.

Social selling

Like the look of a student or graduate’s LinkedIn profile? There is no harm in reaching out to them directly through direct messages and asking them if they’re interested in finding out more about the opportunities in your business. Rather than just posting an advert anonymously, this gives the individual an opportunity to ask any questions candidly and meet you face-to-face if needed. You can easily build a rapport with a potential candidate without the need for extra resource and time. While you may think this is only a strategy for larger businesses, it may be a free and easy way for your small business to introduce its mission and values to new talent.

This piece is authored by Ruth Claxton – Creative Director at STEAMhouse



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