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Revolutionise your business and plug skills gaps at Innovation Fest 2019



Revolutionise your business and plug skills gaps at Innovation Fest 2019

Want to engage with forward-thinking students with a range of skills? Ready to take your business to the next level by networking with industry leaders? Birmingham City University’s annual Innovation Fest 2019 offers you the opportunity to discover future talent and technology to grow your business.

Taking place at the Millennium Point campus from Wednesday 29 – Friday 31 May, Innovation Fest 2019 sees BCU students from within the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment (CEBE) showcasing project ideas and prototypes addressing industry and/or societal challenges. Over 400 projects, ranging from all level of university studies, will be demonstrated, which all utilise the latest research, innovation and technology. Often, these projects have involved participation and mentoring from leading organisations, including Microsoft, IBM and Cisco.

Why should you or your business colleagues attend?

The final day of BCU’s Innovation Fest 2019, Friday 31st May, provides you with the opportunity to not only access next-generation talent, but also connect with experienced academics, discuss your business challenges and liaise with visiting organisations. You can:

  • Attend a knowledge transfer session, placing you with the university expertise that aligns with your business specialism;
  • Meet with learners and mentors, and establish possibilities for future collaborations to help drive innovation in your business;
  • Discuss opportunities for possible Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP), a part-funded programme offering academic and graduate support to deliver your business project;
  • Enjoy a guided tour of Innovation Fest 2019, sampling the projects on display and engaging with participants – your potential employees.

“We find that many SMEs are often unsure of how to start engaging with universities, so Innovation Fest 2019 at Birmingham City University is a great way to begin this communication,” says David Bond, Faculty Employment Manager for CEBE. “For example, companies can suggest research projects for students to work on in the future, or look into hiring them on placements or for full-time employment once they have graduated. Businesses can also network with larger companies, learn from our academics and be inspired by modern technology.”

Why hire Birmingham City University students or graduates?

As the University for Birmingham, we ensure our students and graduates have the soft skills (such as creativity, communication and critical thinking) that today’s businesses often seek. 

“We ensure our students work on projects that are of relevance to industry, and BCU’s Innovation Fest 2019 allows you to experience these first-hand and feel the unreal energy,” says Rehan Bhana, Associate Professor within CEBE. “Our students are innovative thinkers that can add value to any employer.”

Students from different courses at BCU work together in groups to devise their project, bringing in a multitude of skills and experience. It’s a great opportunity for employers to see these outside of a traditional interview setting.

This year’s Innovation Fest will see a host of innovative projects – one student has worked with Birmingham City Council to monitor traffic for Smart Cities, while another has worked with financial consultants Wesleyan on optimising the use of space within their Birmingham office using intelligent sensors.

A platform for your future 

Businesses who come to BCU’s Innovation Fest can gain valuable insight into the talent and skillset of BCU students. Not only do businesses see and discuss third-year students’ final projects, but they can also get involved by mentoring projects in the future or look at hiring these students to become their employees. In the past, businesses have secured Knowledge Transfer Partnerships with students/graduates and recruited, including Conway Packaging and IBM.

Innovation Fest 2019 provides you with an invaluable opportunity to network with businesses within your industry, as well as some of the world’s most established companies. It gives you the chance to meet with students about to graduate, assess their innovative projects and see what skills they can bring to your organisation.

Want to revolutionise your business at Birmingham City University’s Innovation Fest 2019? 



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