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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships: Access graduate talent and academic knowledge for innovation



Knowledge Transfer Partnerships: Access graduate talent and academic knowledge for innovation

Struggling to realise innovation in your business? Looking to deliver a new project but don’t have the internal capacity to deliver it? A Knowledge Transfer Partnership could help.

Businesses and organisations of all sizes will have a wish-list of what they’d like to accomplish over the next few years. This will be aligned to their strategic business plans in order to achieve all important growth and sustain competitive advantage within their market.

You may consider a new innovative project as the way to realise this, whether that be through implementing new technologies or expanding your service offering. But is a lack of skills, knowledge and resources getting in the way of your ambitions?

Whatever your project focus, a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Birmingham City University could provide the solution to delivering a project that otherwise may feel out of reach.

What is a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP)?

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships were established over 40 years ago, and remain one of InnovateUK’s most popular product offering that facilitates real change within businesses. 

Currently, there are over 800 KTP projects running throughout the UK and the demand from businesses is increasing, making it likely that this number could reach upwards of 1,000 KTPs being funded across all business sectors.

In addition to gaining academic business knowledge from Birmingham City University’s academics and experts, you’ll also receive a high calibre graduate to run and manage the delivery of the project for you. The graduate is employed by Birmingham City University, to work full time within your business, working to your terms and conditions, for the duration of the project. The KTP Project varies in length by the amount of innovation applied, and can last from 18-36 months, with the average being 24 months.

Both Birmingham City University and a Knowledge Transfer (KT) Advisor from Innovate UK will work with you to develop the KTP application, this is to ensure the KTP project delivers maximum impact in your organisation.

The development time from first visit to submission is approximately 3 months and 98% of projects receive funding.  Upon approval, the KT Advisor will attend quarterly meetings to track progress to ensure that the KTP project is delivering the set outcomes of the project on behalf of the company.

The funding supports 67% grant (SME contribute 33% of the project costs) or 50% of the grant (larger organisations contribute 50% project costs.)

What could a BCU Graduate bring to your business project?

A proven return on investment

Our graduate’s fresh ideas, new skills and talent can make a huge difference to your bottom line. Graduates contribute approximately £1 billion of added value to the UK economy on an annual basis, according to research by the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR). 

Discover new ways of thinking

If you’re looking for fresh ways of working and new perspectives for your business, Birmingham City University graduates are keen to inject new ideas and apply academic knowledge to real world business accessible through KTP projects.

Agile and adaptable to business needs

Newly qualified graduates (graduated within the past 5 years) can be more enthusiastic and willing to take on new challenges than long-term employees. They are used to more agile ways of working, managing multiple projects and have the ability to adapt well to change, which makes them perfect to deliver a KTP project within your organisation.

Access academic research with real-world impact

At Birmingham City University, we support and collaborate with businesses across the UK from all sectors to deliver Knowledge Transfer Partnerships.

By initiating a KTP, your business can access our academic knowledge and expertise throughout the duration of the project (0.5 days per week or 2 days per month dependent upon location of your business).

Birmingham City University is proud to be a practise based University and produces a wide and diverse collection of research that delivers real-world business impact… making us the perfect partner for a KTP.

For example; there is current demand from business for  Augmented Reality, Big Data, Construction, Smart Cities and Manufacturing to name but a few.

Next steps for innovation…

If you think a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) is the route to spearhead innovation within your business, you can get in touch with our dedicated Knowledge Transfer & Business Engagement Team. They’ll provide you with further advice and guidance to support you with your project and apply for the grant funding.



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