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The jobs board making student and graduate recruitment easy



The jobs board making student and graduate recruitment easy

You may find the prospect of hiring employees a daunting and expensive process. However, our free and easy recruitment service and jobs board is here to help. 

As a business, you may find the prospect of hiring employees a daunting and often expensive process. However, Birmingham City University’s Careers+ team offers a free and easy recruitment service and jobs board, where you can recruit talented students and graduates to improve your business.

Quicker and more effective employability options

There are a number of advantages to using Birmingham City University to advertise employment opportunities. Employers can work with the University to not only immediately recruit, but also to attend events in order to share industry knowledge and promote engagement, and provide a partnership with a relevant faculty to provide succession planning. There are a wealth of opportunities and offers designed to help employers to not only recruit a student or graduate, but meet the right people, build their network and grow as a company.

Advertising a job through the University’s online jobs board offers multiple benefits. For example, as a free service, it cuts out unnecessary fees when posting to other jobs boards. Employers can also advertise their position for a prolonged period of three months, with the option of extending should the role not have been filled during this time. Furthermore, employers have greater control over the content produced – they are able to create the job post, edit and update accordingly, which is then published by the University’s Employability team.

However, please note that as University policy, we do not promote unpaid opportunities that exceed four weeks full-time or six-eight weeks part-time.

Unique service, straightforward delivery

Employers can create job advertisements by completing a straightforward online registration form and then upload a job opportunity at the same time. Once the vacancy has been made live on the jobs board, alerts will be sent out to staff and also students who have set their preferences for these roles. The Careers+ team also have faculty units who will promote the opportunity to all relevant students and graduates.

However, not all organisations are the same, so the team are happy to ensure the employer’s request meets their expectations – for example, a managed vacancy service can be offered, where Birmingham City University will carry out the shortlisting and provide interviewing space for you.

Forward-thinking solutions

Birmingham City University’s jobs board is a great way to recruit a student quicker, easier and cheaper. Nearly 430 businesses from a range of sectors have already used the service, gaining access to experienced careers professionals, multiple employability opportunities, and a wealth of talented, forward-thinking students and graduates ready to push their business to new and exciting places.

Want to recruit students and graduates quicker and easier?



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