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How to provide your own business advice with a Doctorate of Business Administration



How to provide your own business advice with a Doctorate of Business Administration

Sometimes, the best ideas come from within. If your business is facing particular challenges, a Doctorate of Business Administration could arm your employees with the tools needed to overcome them.

What is a Doctorate of Business Administration?

A DBA is a research programme designed to empower employees to improve and optimise aspects of the business they’re currently working in. An employee studying a Doctorate of Business Administration in your organisation acts as a point of internal research support, focusing on a specific challenge or set of challenges and using the support of the experienced practitioners and lecturers at Birmingham City University.

Scott Lichtenstein, Associate Professor and lecturer on the programme and a DBA graduate, was able to use his research degree to improve the reliability of their market segmentation too, which was used at the marketing consultancy company he worked in, and because of this success, still has a close relationship with the CEO. Scott said:

“Solving these kinds of problems in your business or organisation is what the DBA is all about. Earning a doctorate also gives your professional profile a massive boost by acknowledging you as an expert in your field and placing you as an authority on the issues you’ve explored within your DBA.”

Business advice with academic rigour

As well as providing research support, with the added advantage of internal knowledge of your company, an employee studying a Doctorate of Business Administration is able to bring academic rigour to a problem in a way that a consultant may not. Academic rigour is a skillset that allows researchers to bring a deep level of analysis to the business and support the ability to test business ideas with an academic framework, which means they can do the research and development that sits behind the big ideas.

Benefits for the employee and the business 

From a company perspective, an employee studying a DBA is a force to optimise processes, provide business advice, reduce losses or make improvements to the business, whereas the researcher will also benefit from the legitimacy that comes from the title of Doctor, earning them the place as an expert on the issues in their field.

In order to foster that collaborative relationship between employer and employee, the DBA is also set up in a block release structure, allowing our researchers to manage their time more effectively by having three week-long study periods on campus throughout the year. It gives researchers on the DBA course the ability to come to an agreement with their employers about their study schedule while taking the least possible time away from the employee’s day-to-day work.

Excited by the prospect of being able to tackle some of your businesses’ biggest challenges?



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