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Revolutionise your business with the latest technology



Revolutionise your business with the latest technology

Finding it difficult to keep up with the latest tech? The Big Data Corridor (BDC) project pairs you with Birmingham City University researchers who can optimise your business using the latest technology.

The Federation of Small Businesses has found that over a quarter of business owners lack confidence in their basic digital skills. A concerning statistic, especially when our society and economy are increasingly reliant on digital services. As 5G develops, the need for businesses to digitise will only increase, which is where initiatives like the Big Data Corridor project is helping SMEs thrive.

The benefits of digitising your business

There are many ways to optimise your business with new technology but investing time to research the correct way forward can be a massive undertaking. Fortunately, BDC provides access to BCU academics who have experience in applying the latest technology to business settings. Academics like Abdel Rhaman Tawil, Associate Professor in Software Engineering, who has extensive experience connecting with businesses and using research to solve real-world problems. Abdel is the Principle Investigator of the BDC project at BCU and has overseen data driven solutions for over 40 SMEs.

With the help of BDC, businesses are developing new products and services, streamlining data-driven solutions with advanced analytics and capturing data to gain a better understanding of how it can add value to their business. One such organisation is PBL Care, a domiciliary care service based in Birmingham. They were reliant on paper-based records to keep track of their patient’s health, which was unreliable and time consuming to analyse. PBL Care now have an online dashboard where reports are uploaded digitally and displayed visually for easy analysis. The academic team at Birmingham City University are now designing an app for PBL Care, which will allow carers to update reports instantly to the dashboard.

5G and the future 

“Through my work with Big Data Corridor and my own research in emerging technologies, I’ve seen how essential it is for businesses and organisations to future-proof themselves,” says Abdel Rahman Tawil, Principal Investigator for the BDC.

Not only will embracing new technology improve your business in the short term, it will also provide long term benefits. 5G is now live in Birmingham and is set for wide UK coverage by 2020. This new network will deliver superfast internet speeds, low latency (lag) and the ability to connect more devices than ever before. Those who have an online, digital infrastructure now will be among the first to benefit from this next generation network, whether that means better remote working, faster work sharing or greater use of connected devices.

How can the Big Data Corridor help me?

Currently, researchers at Birmingham City University are working with 43 SMEs, servicing industries in the health, transport, education, manufacturing and tourism sectors. With the arrival of 5G, businesses will be able to take advantage of higher internet speeds, better connectivity and incredibly low latency and BDC is a key resource for navigating that landscape. Businesses can benefit from the following:

  • Business assists (12 hours support) – review of your business data needs and access to tools, resources and data to accelerate business growth
  • Expert assistance to help develop new innovative products and services including product development and business planning
  • Trialling and implementation of new technologies and commercialisation opportunities for example in photonics and smart city networks and systems
  • In-depth research collaborations for business innovation and development


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