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The three key issues Birmingham businesses and SMEs face



The three key issues Birmingham businesses and SMEs face

Victor Haider, Business Engagement Manager at Birmingham City University, tells us of the universal concerns currently troubling regional businesses, start-ups and SMEs, and how the University’s resources can solve them.

As a University, we remain proactive and committed to helping businesses. We regularly attend network events, talk to businesses and appreciate their journey. We help businesses with a number of issues, but here are three universal concerns that continually crop up:

  1. Brexit

    Sadly, the dreaded ‘B’ word continues to cause problems for businesses across the country. The main issue is anxiety – businesses are unsure of what is going to happen and how exactly Brexit is going to affect them. While people around the world remain in the dark as to the ultimate effects of Great Britain leaving the EU, our academics – especially those based within our dedicated Centre for Brexit Studies – can provide reassurances and ensure your business is proactive and prepared.

  2. Funding

    Businesses often struggle with the above, but not because of a lack of resources. In fact, there are just so many funding opportunities out there that it can be overwhelming. As I come from a finance background, I can sit down with a business and help them identify which funding opportunities are right for them, pointing them in the right direction and building a positive relationship. You can also check out BCUAdvantage’s funding opportunities portal.

  3. Access to talent 

    Here at Birmingham City University, we have a wealth of students, so why not use them? We can offer businesses a broad range of support, tailored to meet their needs. The Employability team can provide extensive guidance, and we can offer talented students and graduates for work placement opportunities, projects and full-time employment.


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