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Why Brexit is the wake-up call your business needs



Why Brexit is the wake-up call your business needs

The prospect of leaving the EU raises a number of questions for local businesses, particularly when it comes to recruiting and managing their workforce. However, it needn’t be all doom and gloom – BCU Advantage outlines the challenges your business may face and how you can make the most of these opportunities.

Many businesses are reliant on EU nationals for low or semi-skilled jobs, but the prospect of leaving the EU has seen a halt to hiring, with one in ten businesses recruiting less since Brexit. However, this is an opportunity for your business to focus on investing in your own talent. Look to your current workforce as opposed to seeking new recruits, and upskill and invest in the employees you have. This will not only help you retain your talent in the long-term, but will also ensure your staff feel valued and motivated.

The potential impact of Brexit 

Brexit and its impact on the labour market should act as a stimulus for your organisation to focus on building a stronger, more productive workforce. You should stay alert to potential changes in your skill needs and be agile in your responses. “As we move towards an EU exit, organisations should consider reviewing their recruitment strategies to help them secure access to the right talent,” says Nigel Heap, Managing Director of Hays UK and Ireland. “While we are still faced with some ongoing certainty, most sectors remain competitive so now is not the time for complacency.”

However, this can only be achieved if businesses are able to measure, evaluate and strengthen their recruitment and talent strategies. Introducing a set of simple measurements, such as tracking the turnover rates of new hires, seeking feedback from candidates and the performances of new recruits, will give your organisation the chance to attract and retain people with the best skills.

Creating a positive workplace culture 

Brexit provides your business with the opportunity to revisit your business values and find role-model behaviours for your staff to follow. Developing and reinforcing a positive workplace culture will put you in good stead when interpreting changes, giving your staff more stability and focus in the face of change.

Diversity and inclusion may also be under attack during this period, but it gives your business the chance to champion its inclusivity. It’s important to ensure that your current employees know that, during this time of great uncertainty, they are valued and are an integral part of your workforce.

If you require further help in managing and understanding your talent, Higher Level Skills Match’s retain your talent workshop, taking place on Wednesday 9 October, shares innovative research, tools and techniques to highlight what motivates young employees. Led by Gradconsult, an award-winning consultancy company, this interactive workshop will help you retain your talent and ensure long-term growth for your business.

Want to ensure your business has the insight and tools needed to retain your talent post-Brexit?



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