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Why now is the right time to invest in the skills your business needs…



Why now is the right time to invest in the skills your business needs…

With uncertainty over Brexit, more and more businesses are cutting back on recruiting new staff or investing in existing members of their team. But now may actually be the perfect time for your business to invest in the skills of its workforce in order to combat upcoming challenging economic situations. Growing skills opportunities for regional businesses, and a booming graduate talent market present plenty of opportunities to businesses to invest…

Access to migrant workers

In the event of a no-deal Brexit, it is forecast there will be a strain on access to international talent that is likely to impact certain UK sectors, especially catering and hospitality. In 2017, following the vote, the number of EU job seekers halved within 12 months, with over 50% surveyed feeling less welcome and valued. Training and upskilling your existing talent now, as well as making use of strong talent pools such as university graduates will be key to weathering the shock of a shrinking global talent pool at your business’ disposal.

A booming graduate talent pool

This year’s cohort of graduates has just left their university life behind them and is available to make an impact on your business. The number of graduates on the marketplace in the UK has steadily rose over the last few years.  Graduates can offer businesses an opportunity to work with individuals who have studied the latest techniques in their field and are open to investing in a company long-term. There is a growing interest in employing graduates, as of July 2017 graduates were more likely to be employed over non-graduates, also Birmingham City University’s own graduates were deemed 7th most employable in the latest HEFCE survey (2017/18).

An opportunity to innovate

In comparison to other Western countries, the UK productivity rate is relatively low, one of the factors for this is a lack of investment in innovative practices, with only 53% of SMEs investing in innovative practices. However many businesses forget that investing in human resource and skills training, can also help business to innovate. Bringing in fresh talent that may have used alternative practices elsewhere, or been educated in the latest methods can help businesses to understand new approaches, without investing heavily in new infrastructures.

Helping you to access the skills you need…

But your business doesn’t have to be alone in its hunt for secure talent pools and advice and support on training and upskilling. Birmingham City University’s ‘Higher Level Skills Match’ programme, part-funded by the European Social Fund helps businesses access help in understanding upskilling opportunities and recruiting the right graduates and talent for their needs.

Ready to drive your business forward? Contact Higher Level Skills Match to find out more.



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