How does one manufacturer stand out from another? What makes an OEM choose your parts or services? How do you differentiate your engineering expertise in the market? How does your sustainable waste management or clever manufacturing process feature in your marketing? With so many options, why does the consumer choose you?

Manufacturers and engineers have a unique set of problems when it comes to marketing their products and services. The process is technical, complex, and often has restrictions in showing off what you are good at making due to client confidentiality.

Sometimes there is an underlying feeling that positive shouting about your accomplishments borders on bragging, but often it’s just plain difficult to identify exactly what differentiates you from your competitors.

Our interactive workshop will help you leverage sales through differentiation, and ultimately sell by engaging in relationships and not simply negotiating on price.

What you will learn from the workshop:

After attending this workshop:

All participants will have an opportunity to share information about their company’s products and services and interact directly with the panellists and audience. We will discuss your specific challenges or ideas, and collaboratively create interesting differentiators you can use to leverage sales.


Delivered by Daniella Genas, She’s The Boss International and in partnership with the Higher Level Skills Match (HLSM) project. HLSM is part-funded by the European Social Fund.

About the session

How to avoid burnout, accelerate growth and build an organised and efficient business. (Systems & process development, automations, delegation and outsourcing).

Online or in-person delivery of this workshop to be confirmed soon.

About Daniella

Daniella Genas is a multi-award winning strategy and innovation expert. Through her business, She’s The Boss International, Daniella helps SME’s to transform their businesses. She has used her techniques, experience and training to generate significant results among the companies she has worked with. Key metrics include increased turnover and profits, increased staff, launch of new products/services and increased brand awareness across several businesses, in a diverse range of sectors.

Daniella launched her first successful business in 2009 and her second business in 2014. She sold both businesses in 2015. In addition to her entrepreneurial endeavours, Daniella lists University Lecturer, Charity Trustee, radio presenter and Visiting Industrial Fellow as roles in her portfolio career.

Daniella’s current focus is empowering SME’s to build profitable, sustainable, systems driven businesses. With an MBA and Masters under her belt, alongside her entrepreneurial experience and formal business training, Daniella has a breadth of knowledge which has proven invaluable to the clients she works with. She has a proven track record of supporting clients to grow revenues by 6 figures.


The events are available free of charge but the equivalent cost of delivering them would count as state aid at full market rates. All companies in the European Union are entitles to receive up to 200,000 Euros in government aid in a 3 year period under State Aid de minimis regulations. If you would like more information regarding State Aid please visit:


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