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Help to Grow: Management Course


Lead the growth of your business, reach more customers and boost profits with the government-backed Help To Grow 12-week management course delivered by Birmingham City University Business School. 

what is the 'help to grow' management course?

The Help To Grow Management course is a 12-week course designed specifically to help Senior Managers of Small and Medium sized businesses (SMEs) to boost their performance, resilience and long-term growth through addressing key challenges and opportunities.  The course looks to cover key areas fundamental to leadership including:
  • strategy and innovation
  • brand building
  • digital adoption
  • internationalisation and winning new markets
  • developing marketing strategies
  • vision, mission and value development
  • organisational design
  • employee engagement and leading change
  • high performance workplace
  • implementing growth plans
  • finance and financial management
  • efficient operations

The 12-week programme is designed to be taken alongside full-time work through a combination of online sessions and face-to-face learning. The short two hour sessions delivered over 12 weeks are designed to allow time for businesses to implement their learnings and feedback to the group. Course members will also get 1:1 support from a business mentor and access to an alumni network after they’ve completed their journey.


The course is delivered by small business and enterprise experts from across the Birmingham City University Business School – a Small Business Charter accredited school, which recognises its high quality tailored guidance to small businesses in the local area. The academics have a vast wealth of experience in running their own businesses and developing successful business strategies, and are specifically chosen to deliver value


The Help To Grow: Management Course is designed for senior decision makers of small or medium-sized enterprises (between 5-249 people) from any sector based in the UK. The business has to have been operational for at least one year and not be a charity. Only one participant per business can attend, and the individual must commit to complete all sessions.


Birmingham City University’s ‘Help To Grow’ Management Course will help you and your business:

  • Produce a growth plan to achieve your business potential
  • Gain experience from a wide variety of experts in different fields through Birmingham City University
  • Develop leadership and management skills
  • Recognise what drive productivity and growth in your market and what this means to your business
  • Learn how to advance responsible business practices
  • Understand how to innovate your business model and adopt and invest in new and digital technologies.
  • Identify key domestic and export markets for your business and develop strategies for market segmentation, positioning and targeting.
  • Develop strategies to improve operational efficiency, saving time and money


My worries that it would be too heavy on theory were totally unfounded – yes, of course, some of that is explained, but it is done in such a practical way, linked to real life business examples, and to our own situations, that it truly becomes useful.

Peter Davies, CEO, James Lister and Sons Limited


Andrew Salmon is a Senior Lecturer in International Business at Birmingham City University Business School. An entrepreneur at heart, Andrew has spent most of his career running businesses, starting his first business selling commercial alarm systems at 18, before running a successful consultancy service in South Australia amongst other ventures. These days, Andrew prides himself in helping others to grow their businesses effectively. Andrew's academic focus includes teaching marketing and international strategic management.


Please click here to view Andrew's full profile.

Prior to her academic role, Vanessa Clark successfully held management positions within high profile global companies including Tesco, Next and The Body shop. Vanessa's areas of expertise within Birmingham City University Business School include leadership and management development and executive coaching.


Please click here to view Vanessa's full profile.

Dr. Alexandros Psychogios is a Professor of International HRM in Birmingham City Business School at the Birmingham City University in UK. He is also a Visiting Professor at Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM) and a Research Associate in South Eastern European Research Centre (SEERC). His specialisation and research interests are on Organizational Behaviour, Leadership & Complexity, Internation Human Resource Management, and total Quality & Performance Management.


Please click here to view Alexandro's full profile.


The course is 90% funded by the government, with a remaining fee of £750 to be paid to the business school once you’ve been accepted onto the programme.


For enquiries into the next available course start date and to begin your course registration, please send us an enquiry and we will contact you to move this forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do the courses start? faq-up-arrowCreated with Sketch.faq-down-arrowCreated with Sketch.

Current course cohorts at Birmingham City University are scheduled to begin between January 2022 and March 2022.

Cohort 3 of the programme begins on 8th February 2022. You can register for the programme here.

Cohort 4 of the programme will begin on 22nd March 2022. You can register for the programme here.

Is the course delivered online or face-to-face? faq-up-arrowCreated with Sketch.faq-down-arrowCreated with Sketch.

The course is a mix of eight two-hour modules delivered online via Microsoft teams and four four-hour case study workshop modules delivered face-to-face at our Birmingham city centre location.

How long is the course? faq-up-arrowCreated with Sketch.faq-down-arrowCreated with Sketch.

The course lasts 12 weeks in total.

How will I access the course? faq-up-arrowCreated with Sketch.faq-down-arrowCreated with Sketch.

We are delivering the 12 modules with a mix of online delivery and in person workshops. There is also a virtual learning environment (VLE) which we enrol you on once your registration is confirmed.

We will also match and introduce you to your mentor for the 10 hours of individual business mentoring element of the programme.

Who will be in my cohort? faq-up-arrowCreated with Sketch.faq-down-arrowCreated with Sketch.

You will be completing the programme alongside chief executives and other senior management team members from other businesses in your local area, who will bring experience from a range of sectors.

What is the format of the course? faq-up-arrowCreated with Sketch.faq-down-arrowCreated with Sketch.

Each week you will attend a two-hour on line webinar, as well as take part in an hour of online peer group work and also undertake independent study.

Each third week we have the four-hour case study workshops which are in person at our city centre location.

How much does the course cost? faq-up-arrowCreated with Sketch.faq-down-arrowCreated with Sketch.

The course is 90% funded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy with a 10% contribution by businesses of £750 to attend. This is payable to us once we have confirmed your registration and we will send you the link to do this.

What happens if I can’t make a session? faq-up-arrowCreated with Sketch.faq-down-arrowCreated with Sketch.

We anticipate a high level of demand for the programme, and because places are limited and funded, participants are encouraged to commit to attend all sessions.

In order to support you to build your professional network, the curriculum includes some group work. It’s important not only for you, but for the other businesses in your cohort that you make every effort to attend. If you are unable to attend a session, please speak with us.

Are charities and social enterprises eligible? faq-up-arrowCreated with Sketch.faq-down-arrowCreated with Sketch.

Social enterprises are eligible so long as they meet the other eligibility criteria. Unfortunately charities are not eligible for funding in this programme.

What happens after the course? faq-up-arrowCreated with Sketch.faq-down-arrowCreated with Sketch.

We anticipate this to be the start of your journey with us. Through the university we have many other services to support your business. There is also a ‘Help To Grow’ alumni group on Linked In all participants, Programme Presenters and mentors will be invited to join and we will also be holding alumni events through the year to enable networking with other businesses, academic presenters and mentors.

Hopefully this may answer any questions you have but if you have further queries please contact one of the team on


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