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your workforce

Are you looking to gain new skills, knowledge and talent within your mid-sized or small business to help you achieve your business goals?

You could be planning to recruit additional employees with the skills needed to realise your business growth potential.

You might be thinking of upskilling your workforce, or yourself, to expand the skillset of your existing team.

Get the highly-skilled workforce your company needs with Higher Level Skills Match (HLSM), Birmingham City University’s account managed recruitment and upskilling service.

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You will receive an HLSM Account Manager who can help you:

  • Confirm your business goals and identify your skills requirements
  • Create a personalised skills development plan for your business
  • Identify workshops and training opportunities to upskill your workforce
  • Develop JDs and job ads and manage your recruitment process
  • Review and screen applicants and confirm a shortlist
  • Invite selected candidates to interview
  • Plan and deliver interviews
  • Update candidates with results
  • Identify opportunities for you to receive additional business support

HOW does hlsm work?

Your HLSM Account Manager will identify and match the talent requirements of your business to the training opportunities and highly skilled graduates of Birmingham City University and partner universities.

Your business will gain additional skills and knowledge through new recruits and retrained employees.

BCU will find graduate level opportunities for high-calibre graduates ranging from full-time graduate jobs to internships and micro placements.

To learn more, please feel free to watch the video below…


There is no fee for using our Higher Level Skills Match service and no candidate placement commission is charged.

How can I get free
HLSM support?

If you are a mid-sized or small business (SME) located within the GBSLEP area and looking to recruit or upskill your workforce, we invite you to enquire about HLSM. Please send us an enquiry and we will contact you to discuss how we can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this service free of charge? faq-up-arrowCreated with Sketch.faq-down-arrowCreated with Sketch.

Yes, Higher Level Skills Match (HLSM) is available free of charge to all eligible candidates.

We offer this service for free because it is part-funded by the European Social Fund (ESF), a governing body that aims to support SME growth and employability.

Am I eligible to use this service? faq-up-arrowCreated with Sketch.faq-down-arrowCreated with Sketch.

If you are an SME based within the GBSLEP region, then you are eligible to sign-up to this service.

How long will I receive support for? faq-up-arrowCreated with Sketch.faq-down-arrowCreated with Sketch.

You could receive support for up to 12 months. The duration is determined when you discuss your specific support requirements with an assigned account manager.

Where are you located? faq-up-arrowCreated with Sketch.faq-down-arrowCreated with Sketch.

If you are eligible for support, your account manager will work with you at either one of Birmingham City University’s campuses or if necessary your business location.

What is "GBSLEP" and is my business within this region? faq-up-arrowCreated with Sketch.faq-down-arrowCreated with Sketch.

"GBSLEP" stands for the Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership. As well as Birmingham and Solihull, the region covers Lichfield, Cannock Chase, Wyre Valley, East Staffordshire, Redditch and more.

To determine if you fall within the GBSLEP region, please Click Here.

I've made an enquiry, what next? faq-up-arrowCreated with Sketch.faq-down-arrowCreated with Sketch.

A member of the HLSM team will review your enquiry and be in touch shortly.


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