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You could be looking for business support to help you drive an uplift in sales through a greater understanding of your internal and external business environments.

Maybe it’s a business leadership strategy or cultural refresh your organisation requires to achieve success from calculated risk taking.

Birmingham City University’s series of Business Innovation Workshops, created and delivered by BCU’s business support specialists, will help you develop new knowledge and innovation for your business.

Business Innovation Workshops are funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and are part of the Innovation Vouchers project.

How will I benefit from Business Innovation Workshops?

Our series of Business Innovation Workshops will help you identify, understand and assess your company’s strategic and cultural abilities and create a business environment of innovation and growth.

  • Get free access to BCU business support specialist knowledge
  • Understand your current business environment and culture
  • Learn techniques for achieving business Innovation and growth
  • Receive support with creating your business, marketing and sales strategies
  • Network with other regional businesses with similar challenges

To achieve the best results for your business we recommend you attend all Business Innovation Workshops.

Our business support specialists will help small and medium enterprises develop new knowledge, experiment with practical exercises, and drive innovation across three specific topics: