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Makerspace, coworking space and more

Are you looking for makerspace or coworking space in Birmingham? 

Would you also benefit from business support and guidance from creative specialists, design technicians and business advisors? 

Would you like access to workshop facilities for product prototyping and opportunities to apply for small business funding?

You can get all of this and more at STEAMhouse.

STEAMhouse, powered by Birmingham City University, has been developed in partnership with Eastside Projects and Arts Council England. It is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

What is STEAMhouse?

STEAMhouse is more than just a makerspace or coworking space in Birmingham city centre.

STEAMhouse is a unique business support service, located on Digbeth High Street. It helps you bring your business ideas to life with technology, workspace, business advice, creative expertise and small business funding.

If you are an entrepreneur, artist, maker, small business owner or inventor with a strong business or creative idea, STEAMhouse, can help you Plan it, Make it and Launch it.


At no cost, eligible small businesses will receive access to:

  • Business advice and guidance
  • Small business funding and grant opportunities
  • Coworking space and collaborative thinking
  • Makerspace and product prototyping with:
    • Digital & tech workshop facilities 
    • Wood workshop facilities
    • Metal workshop facilities
    • Print workshop facilities
  • Creative expertise and technical support
  • Digital connectivity and breakout space
  • Events and networking opportunities
  • Knowledge sharing and multidisciplinary learning
  • The STEAMhouse member community of like-minded creatives and entrepreneurs


You could be a small business with a strong marketing strategy but need access to makerspace, facilities and creative and technical expertise to help you take your product from initial designs to a marketable prototype.

You might be an artist or maker seeking business support, advice, coworking space and small business funding to help you develop your creative work into a profitable enterprise.

Whatever your reason, if you need business advice, creative inspiration, workshop facilities, technical support, collaborative thinking or small business funding to turn your business vision into a reality, STEAMhouse membership could offer you the business support you need.

How much will
membership cost me?

If you are an eligible business you can become a STEAMhouse member free of charge.

Membership enables you to access STEAMhouse makerspace and coworking space, the full business offering and the STEAMhouse community of artists, makers, entrepreneurs and small businesses.

how can i become a
STEAMhouse member?

If you are a small business registered in the UK and located within the GBSLEP area, and you have a business idea you would like to make a reality, we invite you to enquire about STEAMhouse membership.

Please send us an enquiry and we will contact y