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If you’re a business or organisation within the private, public or third sectors, our ‘innovate’ opportunities could help you with your project or business innovation activities.

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Improving Innovation in business

Successful businesses and organisations understand the importance of innovation in business and public service. Namely, how it’s vital for driving commercial and societal success.

So how do you improve business innovation in your organisation?

Form a working group, gain multidisciplinary expertise and drive innovation through collaboration.

With BCU Advantage you are closer to these collaborations than you think.

Whether you are a business, organisation or a public service, we can offer you the expertise and creativity needed to shape your next project.

BENEFIT from Business Innovation

With BCU Advantage, you could benefit from direct access to academic experts through a highly skilled graduate who is placed within your organisation to deliver an agreed project.

You could also receive support with bespoke Research and Development Partnerships, led by experts and specialists across a multitude of research disciplines.

You could also access venues or spaces to help you with business innovation activities, launches, workshops or talks.


BCU Advantage can connect you to:

  • A collaborative approach to problem solving and solution forming.
  • Academic experts and specialists
  • First-hand project support from highly-skilled graduates
  • Facilities, venue hire and event planning services
Please take a look at all of our Innovate services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does ‘innovation’ mean? faq-up-arrowCreated with Sketch.faq-down-arrowCreated with Sketch.

We think innovation is essential for the businesses we work with to thrive. When you innovate, you develop ideas, products, services or processes that deliver a better experience for your customers. Innovative ways of working help you adapt to changes in your business environment to achieve growth.

What programmes are available to me? faq-up-arrowCreated with Sketch.faq-down-arrowCreated with Sketch.

The best way to find a business innovation service that suits you is to browse our website. We have a variety of options to suit businesses of all sizes.

If you are not sure which service suits you, please get in touch with us. We will be happy to explain our programmes in more detail.

I would like to be more innovative in my business. Can you help? faq-up-arrowCreated with Sketch.faq-down-arrowCreated with Sketch.

Yes, we have a range of programmes and projects available to help you innovate. Whether you are a start-up or SME, you will find a variety of business innovation services through BCU Advantage. From funding opportunities to ideation workshops, we are here to help you achieve your goals.

How will I know if I am eligible? faq-up-arrowCreated with Sketch.faq-down-arrowCreated with Sketch.

Our programmes often have different eligibility criteria, so it is a good idea to check through our website to find one that works for you.

If you need help, please get in touch with us. We can help you understand which business innovation service is best suited to your business.

Do I need to pay anything? faq-up-arrowCreated with Sketch.faq-down-arrowCreated with Sketch.

Most of our business innovation services are free for individuals and small to medium-sized organisations in the GBSLEP region. We can offer free business support because many of our programmes are supported by schemes like the European Regional Development Fund and Arts Council England.

There may be a cost to certain programmes, so please check with us if you have any questions.

I’m not sure if your business innovation services are right for me. Can I speak to someone? faq-up-arrowCreated with Sketch.faq-down-arrowCreated with Sketch.
We would be happy to answer any questions you have or provide you with more information if you need it. Please get in touch with our team to talk about your situation. Alternatively, browse our website to find a solution or opportunity that works for your business.