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Alumni lead the way in setting up business

Birmingham City University (BCU) is the region’s leading institution for student entrepreneurship, a fact illustrated by three remarkable women who have set up their own businesses.  

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Founder-led marketing: what is it and how can you apply it?

Founder-led marketing has been the backbone to the growth of many successful businesses, from Electric Car Company – Tesla to American Underwear Company – Spanx. But what exactly is it, how can you apply it and what are the pros and cons for your business? We spoke to Richard Scutt – Head of Incubation at STEAMhouse to get his thoughts.

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Side hustle jobs are growing. It’s time to join in

Side hustle jobs – little businesses or freelance work that’s balanced alongside a full-time job – are on the rise. We asked one of Birmingham’s brightest businesswomen, Shovon Wiggan, to tell us how she gets the balance right…and why you should pursue your own passion.

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6 tips for starting a business in 2023

Starting a new business is an exciting and daunting challenge, but if you’re looking to explore pastures new, Alem Al-Khamiri (pictured left) – Digital Director of Fuel Communications and a firm supporter of fledgling startups – has some key advice.

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Ready to fill the jobs of the future?

Is a fear of Artificial Intelligence (AI) impacting on occupations for the next generation? In this blog, we examine the possible jobs of the future and how we can act now to ensure the skills are there to fill them when the need arises.

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10 Great Podcasts for Small Businesses

Searching for some informal insight to help you and your business? With International Podcast Day coming on Friday 30 September, we’ve compiled ten of the best podcasts for small businesses to give you some inspiration.

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Top tips on preparing your business for the future

Planning ahead can help businesses achieve growth and remain relevant, but too few companies make it a focus. Daniella Genas, Birmingham City University (BCU) alumna and award-winning founder of She’s the Boss International, highlights the importance of future proofing your business.

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4 reasons why you’re not achieving your goals

Feel like you’re not reaching your full potential? Craig Jackson, Professor of Occupational Health Psychology at Birmingham City University (BCU), offers some insight into what might be holding you back.

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The office of the future in 3 easy steps

The workplace keeps on changing. Say goodbye to bean bags and hello to high performance workspaces, connected collaborative spaces and adaptable facilities as we examine the office of the future…

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