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10 Great Podcasts for Small Businesses

Searching for some informal insight to help you and your business? With International Podcast Day coming on Friday 30 September, we’ve compiled ten of the best podcasts for small businesses to give you some inspiration.

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Tony Taylor, Gibbs and Dandy – Working in Distribution (#23)

Tony Taylor is the managing director of Gibbs and Dandy, a unit of Saint-Gobain, the French multi-national building materials organisation.

He joins Stephen Willson to explore the issues of working on two fronts in a distribution business. The first being making multiple small internal operational improvements to prove their worth to their parent organisation. Secondly to access resources and manage boundaries with parallel distribution businesses and internal material manufacturing units.

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Asha Devi, Ove Arup – Stakeholder Satisfaction (#21)

Asha Devi is associate director at Ove Arup the company most famous for being the architect of the Sydney Opera House.

She joins Stephen Willson to explore the issues of designing customers’ office space for collaboration and the satisfaction of multiple stakeholders in a changing world. This has particular significance in enabling middle managers to work effectively across their organisations. The same spotlight is then shone on the design of Arup’s own professional services offices.

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Gavin Card, Calor Gas – Supply and Demand Challenges (#20)

Gavin Card is the Director of Global Operational Excellence at SHV Energy, the parent company of Calor in the UK. He joins Stephen Willson to explore the middle management challenges of aligning supply with demand that is regional and weather dependant.

The topics include improving UK-wide performance by abandoning regional P & L accountability and refining KPI’s for operational improvement. Gavin draws powerful parallels with his previous experience within GE and the Royal Air Force.

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