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The business trends for 2023, from the experts

The business trends for 2023 Every year, we reach out to talented experts within BCU to provide us with their hints and tips for the year ahead. It’s an opportunity to hear exciting predictions, plan ahead for key challenges and

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4 reasons why you’re not achieving your goals

Feel like you’re not reaching your full potential? Craig Jackson, Professor of Occupational Health Psychology at Birmingham City University (BCU), offers some insight into what might be holding you back.

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4 Characteristics That Make A Good Leader In Today’s Workplace

With discussions over the UK Government’s leadership currently in the headlines, many senior politicians have been showcasing what they believe makes them best to be the next Prime Minister. However, when it comes to your own business, what characteristics should you look for in picking leaders or look to develop in yourself?

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4 Lessons From Joining A Business Support Programme

Why should your business partake in business support and how can it help you? In our latest blog we look at four businesses who have participated in Birmingham City University’s series of business support programmes busting myths on expectations, and providing insight into the real benefits you could take away.

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5 top tips to improve your branding

With Employer Branding Awareness Week fast on the horizon, we provide five essential ways you can improve your company’s branding, which could boost your profile, improve staff retention and drive sales.

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Santa Claus’ five leadership secrets

Santa Claus has created a globally successful brand that has stayed ahead of competitors and boasts a loyal following. So who better to provide the best advice for small businesses than Father Christmas himself?

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Boost your recruitment strategy with these 3 initiatives

In uncertain economic times, it’s difficult to ensure payment of your staff let alone recruit new talent into your workforce. Nevertheless, keeping up with the need for new skills can be the difference between boom or bust. In this article we highlight three funded initiatives to help you continue recruiting into your business with limited financial strain.

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