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Business Sustainability – Why It’s Important.

‘Business sustainability’ seems to be a new term that is thrown around when talking about business performance and growth. But what does ‘business sustainability’ actually mean and why is it important for your business to monitor how it is performing in this area, especially if you’re in the construction or design sector? We look at five key reasons – from brand management to looking after the planet.

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Do you have a business resilience strategy?

Businesses are facing rising costs, weakening supply chains and a decrease in employment rates. If you have not got a business resilience strategy, it’s time to find the right support to create a solid base to support your business moving forward.

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New construction methods and sustainable solutions

As the Government introduce new guidelines for manufacturers, builders and more and more homeowners seek energy efficient homes, construction methods and the ways the industry work need to change. Project 80, endorsed by leading Government figures and in collaboration with esteemed construction businesses, can help you make the difference.

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What is the circular economy and how can your business benefit?

You may have heard the term, but just what is the circular economy? And why should you begin to utilise it? David Cashmore, Senior Teaching Fellow in Birmingham City University’s Business School, discusses why making the change can yield long-term benefits for your business, your customers and the planet.

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Sustainable business support from STEAMhouse

As World Environment Day (June 5) approaches, we spoke to STEAMhouse members who run green businesses to find out how other companies can be more sustainable and how STEAMhouse has helped them make positive changes.

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